Worse than useless

I’m afraid I really might ahve to find a different radio station in the morning – NPR is great but I ride a bicycle, so I need somebody who doesn’t *just* read a script of the weather.  Today the 6:00 forecast was that we were very likely to have showers or storms b efore 7:00 a.m., and then agian tonight after 1:00 a.m.

Okay, there’s an hour left in that right away window.  It would be really, really nice to know if anything that’s out there is, say, to the East or West — or could just spontaneously develop.  It doesn’t require a meteorology degree — just a connection with radar and stating what’s observed.  Is that illegal?  If so, would it be legal for somebody to accidentally call in with the information?

Then, to compound the uselessness, the post-6:00 forecast was that showers and storms were “likely.”

So.  Did the forecast change?  Are they more likely to show up later in the morning?  Could a person at least *say* “I don’t know why this is different” ?

Why not just have a computer-generated voice?

One response to “Worse than useless

  1. Richard Masoner

    The local NOAA weather uses a computer generated voice :-). I consider a weather radio indispensable for anybody living where severe weather is likely.

    I had mine tuned to WXJ76 when I lived in Champaign County.

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