Harpy Monday…

… so in the midst of actually getting some of the cobwebs out of the house, and after two weeks of piddling and fretting about things, I somehow didn’t remember that yesterday was the third Sunday of the month.  No, I thought I’d have to scream back from the East *Next* week for the meeting of the organization I’m president of.  Now, I happened to have my phone with me and it didn’t go off, and I know we’ve done that when somebody’s conspicuously absent…

Yesterday tooling around noon near the farmer’s market I came up to an intersection, one car in front of me, and a communication confusion between that driver and a driver on the perpendicular street.  Don’t know it’s nature (no screeching brakes involved, and nobody was out in anybody’s trajectory), but the driver to my right turned onto our street, stopped the vehicle, rolled down the window to say “It wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been on the phone.”  The smoking, phoning driver said something which inspired the van driver to state that he was an a-hole, to which the car driver said, “would you like to get out of the car?” but then he was driving off as the van driver did pull off… so I believe that the hormone timing saved the day as it took him five seconds too long to get the rage hormones going.  He called him another name or two, and drove off.

I chicken my farmers' market. Indeed. (I wish they'd include the apostrophe.)

THe back of that T-shirt has a tractor and a bicycle with a fully enclosed chain, the likes of which is a tad hard to find in these parts. Wonder if it was the most convenient image, or if anything not a racing bike would have sufficed, or if thought was included.

It’s still pretty warm but I didn’t resort to a.c. The weather “spoke” to me yesterday on the way to church… and lied 😉  I was feeling rather certain we were going to get hammered, but the line of storms faded and went south. The garden got a *little* springle later.

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