Fun One :)

Got an email yesterday that the Thursday Three ride (“level 3” — that hard-to-achieve level that’s reasonably fast) was designated a “show and go if you’re willing to risk it” because of a pretty ominous forecast and little things like funnel clouds.

At closer to the ride time, radar and the sky spoke of the hazards having moved to the East. I rode out and Nick, Phil and Anne were there… I’d realized that last week’s “Stone Wall to Seymour” ride could be extended by taking in St. Boniface, adding 8 miles, but 32 miles is attainable…  and if 23 was all a body wanted, one could decide at mile 17 to Turn East.    NObody did — rather, we took it out fairly slowly (14-15, ’cause I remembered that most of them had come in their cars and weren’t warmed up), then just started Notching it Up.  Nick and I had a fun 3 miles at 22-23 with the tailwind, and then, as I told Phil, I *said* we’d better be polite, but I was ready to back off.  (Of *course* things had cooled off a bit.)

This has been two different rides that were fun & good for the newbies… Tuesday we kept things easy enough for the very very new folks and people with children on their bikes and people who didn’t know how to shift…. and we had front and back people paying attention … and last night new folks went further and faster than they expected, contrary to the “well, the only way to get faster is to go out and get dropped” fallacy.   Forget the hammer metaphor… this was more like … bicycle gears 🙂

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