applause, please

Fourth of July parade today, and I couldn’t help but notice that we got more overt applause going down Lincoln in Urbana than we did in Champaign, though my blender occasionally inspired some spontaneous hilarious thrashing of hands.

I considered, after a spell, that perhaps there was more to the appluase than the group approval of an action or creative expression; that we also applaud as an expression of taking sides in a conflict.

One lady (in Urbana)   snarked “do you guys have to stop at stop signs?”  and I said “Not in a parade!”  which didn’t seem to satisfy her… note to self to respond”Do you have to be rude and aggressive to total strangers?”    (Hmmm… perhaps she’s of the Urbana Business Association contingent? Not saying that to be snarky, but because that overt rudeness generally does have to be inspired by some group reinforcement.)  Maybe that’s what made me think about the different angle on applause interpretation.

It’s fairly hot and a few clouds burst on us. No lightning, though.


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