Warm! Fuzzy!

Warm things:  the weather.  high 80’s today.  It’s my first four-day week at work (second for most, but I did GITAP the first week) so today I tended to some Minutiae of Life and then peeled out to explore going to FIsher from Mahomet for CUAP.

I successfully found the yard wtih the very big art on CR 600, just south of CR 2550 E.  Decided not to go all the way to Fisher and turned back and took said 2550 ’til 900, which alas was also CR-1 and ‘way too busy for a bike route.  800 is fine, though, and doesn’t entail cutting back. Must investigate the possibility of Big Art House and Alto Vineyards loop… googlemaps here I come..

Fuzzy is what that mattress in the basement will be getting.  Don’t know the cause, but there was wetness down there – second time in five years.   We did have a TON of rain — boy, could I see the signs on my ride.

225 miles is what I’ll need to hit 1000 for June.  Welp, we’ll just see.


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