Race? Or Follow the LEader?

There were 18 riders on the Monday Moderate (and about half that in the faster group that headed out first). We went to Whiteheath and regrouped, and came back on 1300.  A little clump of kiddos came running out from a yard and cheered us on, and then half a mile later another group came out from the right.  “Is this a race?”  “Are you playing follow the leader?”  I voted for the second.  I suspect that we were spread out enough so that the first folks just swept by, but by the time our tail group came around, they were sure it was an event.

Didn’t have the Garmin COnnect downloaded at home… and grrr… don’t seem to have the little connecting piece here… no fun uploads… welp, if I get fiddling time I should be figuring out the form for CUAP for this year…


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