“lazy” weekend

Saturday was stormy, tho’ what with cruising to the postponed Art Gallery ride adn then to Playing it Safe adn then back and forth to get forgotten blender elements and then to Crane Alley, I had 17 miles on the odometer.   The blender was a flop at Playing it Safe, primarily because there was essentially No Ice To Be Had, and I hadn’t purchased any.  In hindsight, I should have made one mre trip out to ye olde gas station and made myself popular.

Sunday was Father Tom’s 50th anniversary of his ordination.  Family were there, friends were there, folks I know in other contexts were there, and the church was packed with overflow in the upstairs choir loft.  Korean, Mayan, Guatemalan, Midwest U.S…. many subcultures present and accounted for.  Much much much singing.

Had GPS for most trips but not church, which was probably a good thing ’cause I might have stuck it in the red bag that I left there, which I heard was making the rounds in someone’s arms seeking its owner, but I was never close enough to the person who’d picked it up… but since it only has the keys to the bike club mailbox in it, and I *think* only one of ’em, not both, I’ll get by. Tonight I’ll see what the GPS says about the Monday ride. I had a brief nauseous moment when I thought I’d left it on the bike coming in to work, since our student worker met me as I came in… but it wasn’t there… but no, I *had* taken it off and dropped it in my bag.  I *think* my fundamental obsession with the numbers will facilitate that habit, but that is the One Thing I Really Don’t LIke about the thing.  Couldn’t they have installed a butt-on-the-seat sensor that would make it leap from its holder into my arms when I got off the bike?


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