“that’s why I don’t do that”

Got shouted at today… comin’ out of Parkland turning left onto Bradly, I sneezed.   SUV driver with window down  waiting his turn to come across: “BLESS YOU!”  🙂

So, there’s been this lively discussion of lane placement at intersections and whether it’s ever appropriate to have a “bike lane” (either real or imagined) and thus ride up to the front of the queue.

I’m commuting home and have no company at all approaching Country Fair & Springfield, so no decision, but I am also remembering that often it is a truck or bus in that right lane — yet another motivation for me to get *out* of its blind spot, thank you.

Then I’m approaching the John/Mattis intersection and take my place third in line (or fourth?) … and a guy cruises by on my right.  Not the buzz of the guy last week when I was tryin’ to start up with a bike on the back… and not the same guy, definitely.  And then he’s to the right of two cars who want to turn right and I hear my voice say, in that “out loud but really I’m talking to myself” (that people who live bythemselves do), “That’s why I don’t do that!”  And he pulls off and waves the cars around him.

I just said “hello” when I went by, though.    A:  freedom of choice.  B:  if he didn’t get it from the situation, a lecture wouldn’t help either, especially since C:  I did exactly that when the guy goin’ right rolled down his window and asked “would you like to go ahead?” (Country Fair & Church).

Then I was approaching Pennsylvania and gaining on an inline skater, and got passed by a smiling biker.  I says to myself, grab camera and snag picture of a red light with non motorized vehicles!!!  .. except the skater and the biker just ran the red light. Skater was first.  the bike who came up behind me did like unto me and waited.  I remembered those two times I saw bikes pull through red lights and cars imitate (and then brake like mad).  Note to self:  just as I acknowledge that I, too, don’t really like *riding* in bike lanes but recognize that in the “big picture” they’re probably a better move to get people out there (and certainly better than side paths that people apply the same logic to… )  I should consider that sometimes what seems most safe & efficient is perceived as otherwise so if it doesn’t really put me in danger, should be reconsidered.

Completely unproductive after arriving at the home front.  Really could have just Kept On Riding. Grrr.


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