Hard to be when people are posting long contemplatives on their blogs… I’ve figured out a few fun features with the Garmin – yes, it really does know when I’ve gone ’round campus (I wonder what happens if I am in the other lane, though; how close to exactly the same spot do I need to be?) and counts it as a “lap” – which had taken me 7:25; I’ve done it in under 5 so yes, I was more than sluggish.

Had my automatic smile back this a.m. and tried to race the Brown bus in, after watching the driver basically run the stop sign on Sixth, to the honking dismay of the driver on Sixth who had the right of way.  Hope that the construction eventually gets DONE enough to get through town again.  Wish that bike traffic were even considered when they planned construction (as in, figure out alternatives and put signage out there — bike detour signs).

Wonder if people are, like, *bothered* by the environmental carnage more than before it was a little more visible.

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