Sometime you have to face things!

So I started the a.m. commute hoping to get my mojo back… and going down race street (about .8 miles into the ride) something made me smile… and I realized I had to bend all kinds of muscles to get there because I was all kinds of frowning.  So I put the smile back on and some of the mojo returned and I got to greet several assorted people along the way.   At Main and LIncoln, yea verily, I was “sharing the lane” with a car to get across and I didn’t worry about whether I “passed him on the right.”  At Church and Mattis,  I experimented… yes, it is a wiiide road but the drivers can’t tell what you’re doing so it usually does make more sense to stay in the queue and in the lane and the natural flow.

My GPS arrived! Now to figure it out… in its honor I didn’t ride the Trek and anticipate not doing the Thursday Three ride so I can mess around and get thigns done instead.

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