Out of sync with the kitchen sink…

Me and my Xtra were contemplating the thread in the vein of Never Never Never “pass on the right,” and … I do.  Sort of.  So riding in this morning, I was trying to figure out whether I really do or not, and every time there was a car to my left I was analyzing instead of interacting and I was completely out of sync with myself.  So I’m between two busses on Main Street, that turns into Church Street… and bus In Front is turning right at Randolph so I get into the “going straight” lane, especially since the Turning Right lane goes away and becomes parking.

Except that the bus behind *that* bus was *not* going right and its timing and my timing are different, so I *do* duck to the right so that the bus isn’t passing me on the right which sucks even more. Except that then I’m in the “well, sort of parking lane” except that it turns back into a traffic lane as soon as you cross State, except that the bus will be cutting over into that lane right away… and here is this bus that can’t totally pass me on the left because now we’re at the stop light.  So is it passing on the right if I’m just going faster than you but you never got all the way past me?

I pulled all the way off and adjusted my shoelaces until the traffic cleared.  I **hope** I can clear the mental traffic, because I had been trying to, having recognized the brain-clutter problem back on Springfield…

Then I politely waited in the queue at Mattis and Church (which I generally do anyway).  Then I contemplated road or sidewalk, road or sidewalk because there was A Pedestrian on it.  I decided that the sidewalk really should be big enough for the both of us and did my “hello, sneaking by you” … and the walker kind of ambled closer to the middle of the sidewalk and frankly, it wasn’t big enough, so I called out LOUDER “HELLOOO!” and turned into a pedestrian — if I”m on a sidewalk, I’m a pedestrian, tho’ if ain’t nobody on it for a mile, I”ll go fast 🙂 — and I’m afraid the most accurate word for her action, which I don’t think was a reaction, was that she waddled further to the left. I hollered “GOOD MORNING!!!”  as I stepped by her, but honestly, I never not once saw any reaction… though I suppose I could have stopped and turned around and gawked in my amazement at her deafness.  (She was wearing headphones, by the way.)  I wonder if there’s a way to get really loud without sounding angry… perhaps in song?

Some commutes are better than others.  This ranks amongst the others.

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