Oy, yea! Gear purchase

…. now, I haven’t written anything about it but honest, honest, honest it wasn’t an impulse buy.  My phone has GPS kinda sorta and it’s come in handy… but I decided it’s not good enough to keep paying the amazing monthly fees for the full data plan.  And the contract is coming up rather  soon — *almost* as soon as  GITAP.  So yesterday I sprang for a Garmin 605 from REI, with city m aps.  Telling self that yes I will so return it if I can’t figure it out. Also telling self to get that helmet cam out again and re-figure *that* out.    Looking forward to being able to see where I am *while* I’m riding.  Could make a person very popular on group tours 😉

But of course, *here’s* the bike of my dreams …. with a solar panel or three to power that GPS…


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