4:50 find.

(Yes, it’s slow at work)


Looks like another bike giveaway.  I signed up for one at “Self” magazine after waffling because gag-a-maggot, I am so not “Self’s” market.  Um, no, I don’t want beauty tips. I am *striving* to be less into myself.  I suppose “Narcissism” wouldn’t be as catchy a magazine title?  Then I thought “hmm… but that market force could stand to know that you exist.”  So I checked that well, my interests did include gadgetry and technology 😉  (and maybe their marketeers would be excited by high numbers for a bike contest)

Letsgorideabike.com is a different story, though — must probe more deeply.  Rather than a “give us your demographics so we can sell you cheap crap and we’ll enter your name…” it’s “post pictures of *doing* things.”  It’s what I had sort of hoped the Terra Trike thing would be like.  Or at least I hope it is, and that I’ll have tiem to check it out, but right now it’s time to stick helmet on my little bitty head and go out and ride the Lindsey Hill.

One response to “4:50 find.

  1. I hope you decide to participate in the LGRAB Summer Games! There’s still time to start. You can see the first round-up here. For the prizes, we simply contacted companies whose stuff we like, figuring that our readers would like the same stuff. We’re not getting any monetary benefit from the Games, just the joy of spreading bike love 🙂

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