“on yer “….right…:(

On the way home, with the big ol’ bike on the back, I was trying to get started on the uphill to cross Mattis when whee! guy on Trek is going by my elbow on my right. I exclaimed a generic surprised noise, and then emitted “Thanks for the intelligence!” (yes, the sarcasm droppings are still on the concrete)

I considered catching him — yes, I could have — but going fast with a wobbload is bad, and the Dahon on the back of the Xtra is definitely a wobbload.

I bugged out of work 75 minutes early ’cause the radar was too interesting, but everything has stayed just barely barely to the east or west or north or South.  (Really. It’s all around with flash flood warnings.)

Then my light fell off in campus and I wobbled to the side of the road and Officer Martin was goin’ by in his car and asked if I were ok and retrieved the light for me 😉 (I am not sure but I may have not done what he wanted; I think he’d rather have brought it to me instead of me goin’ out there but I didn’t understand what he said as he wheeled out and stopped with the lights a flashin’).

So you know that scene in Apollo 13 where the brainy humans are sitting in the room with all the stuff they have in the space craft and they are brainstorming and doing the creative problem solving process to figure out what to do?  I HOPE this is happening somewhere about that stupid floggin oil gusher.  Come on, even if it is only Geeky White Men in Fifties Costumes, let’s THINK.

One response to ““on yer “….right…:(

  1. Interesting radar. Yeah.

    Plan A today is for me to pick my daughter from school this afternoon by bike, and then grab the lone bike-in camping spot at the nearby state park for his weekend of camping. But our radar is looking interesting, so I might just grab a Zip Car, especially since I’m pretty sure my daughter didn’t bring rain gear with her this morning. But grabbing the Zip Car means a 10 mile bike trip through the rain. And then another 10 mile trip to drop it off again.

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