too busy riding to blog :)

This weekend was ridign, riding, meeting, riding, rideing…Successful Saunter, tho’ the 10 of us were *all* goin’ 13 + mph.  which is *not* “level 1,” especially since we prettymuch charged out and charged back.  All happy campers, though.

Then to bike project, where no other staff showed… ‘cept that nobody had *said* they would… and apparently an older flier was on the stand that said hours SUn Wed THurs.  so I figured a Decision Had Been Made.   It “was all good” in that special, “well, not *really* but it worked out okay” way, with two new members and several people managing to get tehir bikes fixed.

Then off to church where I insisted that we did so have to sing the “Sequence,” since I decided I would Make Singing Happen since the singing deficits at my brother’s funeral service.

Then up in the morning and to the store for munchies to serve, then ride otu to Parkland and maneuver thru Public Safety and Seriously Ding my Shin with the pedal, what with the groceries shifting the weight. It poofed up *instantly* because I have gained Elderly Skin, which made me think it was all bruise and not open, which is not true, so I **hope** last night’s scrubdown is sufficient, because that was not a *clean* pedal that pierced my delicate blood vessel there.  Then 14 mile ride to Rising and the Hobbit House.  THen home, and quick grab of BLENDER and fruit concentrate and Xtracycle to the Races!!

Of course there was ice available and assorted other ingredients that appeared.   So, that’s TWo appearances this month… and now that I’ve realized the magic of Just Slushies, who needs yogurt or any thick proteinaceous ingrediments?  Wonder how gatorade would do…

Then out to Panera for the PCC meeting, and back.  47.2 miles on the day and even tho’ it’s a just-long-enough reach for 1000 for the month, I didn’t push to 50… but NOW I’m going out to lunch for at least 2 laps, or until I melt.

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