Those little memorable moments

Had two of ’em today.  I was tooling south on Country Fair, having left on time to get to… the Esquire to eat before the CCB meeting (having spent 5+ hours on the headset leashed to a computer in a delightfully intense conference call, I was a tad and a half hyper).  Visibility decreased and traffic increased due to rain and the time. And crap, there’s that huge pothole… so I cut far to the right to the solid curb rather than cut in front of that truck… and the truck hangs baaaack.  You know, as if the driver actually thought “bikes aren’t going to turn right and get on the Interstate. Oh, and that lake is a huge pothole.”  So I cut on over and he hopped to the right lane because Mr. Midwest Construction *was* heading to the interstate, and I already had my FBS going (Full Body SMile) when he smiled and gave me a “hey, we watch out for each other, sister” wave.  How often can you do that from car to car?  (Pondering the social status issues of making those kinds of gestures from positions of equal power and that meaning you want something from the other party… hey, just one more PhD thesis… it was the whole vulnerability that allowed for the intimacy.)

From a car, I WOuldn’t have seen that the driver of the four-digit vanity tag (which I would have remembered ‘cept I had to pay too much attention to get across the street to the Esquire to etch it in) that just stayed at the green… was texting… and I kinda think she heard me in my best swim team coach yes-you’re-under-water-but-I-need-your-attention voice, “HANG UP AND DRIVE.”    I suspect that Mr. Midwest Construction had me in “hey, people are tryin’ to be good” land, because further invectives spewed not from my lips, and the invective-free message is much more effective.

Only 15 miles today, though… it’s 30% of raining outside.  Misty and slimy.  They said it was a beautiful day in…  I do need to remind myself where I was crashing that meeting.  Next time I just *might* do it via Mac and my camera, too.

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