New bike! (not quite)

Dropped the little Giant off for its 5000 mile checkup, knowing that the chain was hangin’ down and I was shifting three times to get up one gear or shifting up two and back one to get places, and the brakes occasionally made some strange sounds.  Hey, I *had* picked the string of Christmas lights out of where it had gotten wrapped up in various parts of the drive train.

New chains (it’s an Xtracycle, takes two), new cassette (same gears, but 11-28 should be OK even for blackjack hill, and I can walk if I have to), new tyres (wanted to go down to 28’s which with Hard Case tires can still handle the loads I’ll put on it), new disk brake stuff (‘never seen one worn like that!’)…  and it rides like a new bike.  Can’t tell if I”m moving faster, though, ’cause now the speedo doesn’t work.

Went to most of the Urbana “visioning downtown” meeting last night.  We got to do green for good, black for suggestions adn red for bad, and I forget to mention that yea, the IMC is where I go to hang out.  D’oh.  The Bike PRoject, the place to hang out and buy asparagus (which are doing fabulously), get my computer fixed… then I ducked back to do my Wednesday online chat and the Wednesday cookout was happening still.    There will be more chances for public input, tho’.

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