Ridin’ late

It was just a “running late” day and since it’s also a “study day” I didn’t worry about it, and nobody needed me for the first ten minutes of the day.  (I’ve got a pretty full house in here right now, though.)

I saw two used Gu wrappers on Church street… so there *was* a marathon; it wasn’t a government hoax.

Last night I rode home in the daaaark on Windsor.  I suspect it was the kind of nervous-feeling ride that discourages people from commuting & cycling on the roads and makes them want for paths, except that the parts iwth the path were of course hairier.  Issues were:  my little flashlight on the handlebars wasn’t too bright, and there was a fair amount of gravel here and there, tho’ potholes weren’t too bad.  On the Eastern stretch, there was enough gravel to send me out into the main lanes between light cycles … until it suddenly cleared up at that ol’ Champaign-Urbana line, so I cut back to the bike lanes … whoops!  rumble strips.  Oucharama.   46 miles on the day 🙂

This morning I had to take springfield in ’cause teh construction has closed Logan.

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