Rabbit, rabbit!

Well, that’s what I said on the first of the month, just for fun.  Then I managed to get in 36 miles on the day, despite having no Saturday Saunter.  Oh, I went out there, but there were about 13,000 people jogging by so I cheered for them instead and sang along whenever the guy up on the stage played soemthing From My Era.

No gazillion gu wrappers in the street this year.  I heard the cleanup arrangements were different; they were certainly better, except that I didn’t get any salvage scrounges (that nice Dasani bottle).  Last year the empty gu packs never did get picked up, ever. This year I only knew it was marathon route from the arrows in the road.

I was similarly inspired to squeeze 27 miles out of yesterday, going out for a couple of laps after sorting T-shirts for Bike To Work day which is tomorrow.  Yes, I’m hoping for 1000 miles in May, with a little help from the Sangamon ride. happily NOT on Pentecost Sunday this year.

I have a working camera now, I think 🙂 (haven’t set up the computer to snag the pics yet).  *Hope* it’s not the same model as the one inRadio Trash, where I went to get the memory card, 50 bucks cheaper.  I also have little sproings of asparagus sticking out of the ground.  I will try to get the camera near them soon.  Rabbits, leave them be! Rabbits, rabbits!

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