It’s Windy!

It’s Windy!

No, it’s Thursday!

So am I, dear, let’s stop at teh Esquire for a Fat Tire.

What? another windy Thursday?

CCB meeting tonight so I’ve got my very own copy of the 2010 bike route map 🙂

I wonder if I will ever ride on a windy day and not remember February 6 and the wind sliding that studded tyre from under me… and the day going downhill from there.  Missing the big brother.

Lots of cyclists out tonight even in the wind. Boyoboy I was glad to get on placid University after Country Fair.  Same curbhugging lady that I played tag with a few weeks ago was headed down Country Fair with me but took the same route we did then, working hard into the 31-sustained-gusts to 49mph winds.

… so I go to the Weather Underground thinking hey, it’s time to waft away from Weather Channel and its sold out self… and I’m reminded exactly why I went back.  Wind speed 8.4 mph.  SNORK!!!!   It’s *always* completely wrong, and that piece of data is rather important. Hey, I guess it’s not that windy underground.


4 responses to “It’s Windy!

  1. Wind speeds, and wind gusts can be fairly localized, and various factors in the seating of a given weather station or its environs can influence wind speed. If you want a better overall picture of the wind in your area of interest, you might want to look at the local stations on a map:

    Even looking at the map now, you can see that rural stations are fairly uniform, but urban stations with buildings and trees nearby, etc. can return variable information. I hope that clarifies the data a bit.

  2. Had the same issue on Thursday as well. I actually found that I was better off riding directly into the headwind than when I had the crosswind. That pannier on the back just acted like a big ole sail and sent me skittering across the street whether I wanted to or not.

  3. Thanks for the attention, aaron — I figured that the wind detector was in a protected place ‘way back when. It’s simply that that information isn’t useful at all to me and it makes me wonder why that particular station, which consistently and completely fails to represent the conditions, was chosen to be “the” wind speed for Urbana.
    Clicking on the stations list gives me extreme variability (anywhere from 1 to 35 mph winds, from most directions right now). P’raps I’ll wax weathergeeky enough to figure out one that’s more representative of reality.

  4. Yes, it’s difficult to logically display “local” data, from point sources. The airport station might have better wind for your given location, but the temperature is probably off due to distance, while another station up the block from you has a closer temperature, but the wind value is less because there is a tree line at the end of the block, or something like that.

    We tend to give you the closest station, since that should be closest to what you’re experiencing. But we make it possible for you to set another station as your default for a zip code or city. If you look on the Current Conditions box on the city page there is a drop down box that contains a list of local stations. If one of those stations is giving you more appropriate wind values, you can select that and it will come up every time. I hope that helps. In any case, thanks for the feedback.

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