Long way in

… yea, this time I did it, because I had a little wind behind me going West.  Wind was actually looking the same on the flag (yesterday’s numbers were “NW 14 mph” when I got here, today’s “NE 12 mph”)   but I had more time… I had to work awfully hard to hold it over 10 mph, though.  I *think* it’s those saddlebags being parachutes, but I will check to make sure there isn’t oh, a string of lights in the drive train somewhere or a strap tangled in the derailleur.  English professor saw me going over the Dreaded Bradley Overpass — that’s basically all she would ahve to conquer to get to work since she lives there.

Regarding overpasses, I said that while it is two minutes of Seriously No Fun, that actually it’s the ones you don’t see that hit you.  Yes, I’m plugging up that skinny road and yes, I have to know where the potholes are but my annoying butt is quite visible and I’ve got the mirror so I can time things for minimal annoyance.  There’s actually an okay shoulder part of the way up — which I won’t use if there isn’t a good break in traffic to merge out for the top, but there generally is.  (Don’t know how much the Generally Better Luck factor figure there; YMMV.)  Made it in on time barely, and was asked whether it was raining 😉   And since I went east to Philo, this turned out to be 21 miles in.

There’s a “credible threat” at Parkland on Mattis… don’t know when that started.  … it was a bomb threat & they’ve cleared the area now.

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