Okay, y’all can stop with the dying now.

Seems that the fellow behind the seat under my behind – a Selle An-Atomica – had a heart attack and died (from the blog report here, pretty suddenly).  (I like the saddle, tho’ I don’t know if it’s worth the retail price I didn’t pay for it ’cause I got it used.)   (If you look for news on that stuff, if it’s famous go for news, if not search the blogs.)  Big FAT hugs and prayers for the people on the scene.    (We lost an alto in our chorus couple weeks ago as suddenly.  And of course my brotehr in February. Okay, that’s three, dudes, ENOUGH.)

I got up on time for the first “early start long way” ride, slightly disoriented ’cause I wasn’t *really* sure what time I have to leave if I”m on the red bike, goin’ the Philo-intersection (because Windsor and Race is 10 assorted lanes converging at a 4-way stop and Philo has those red and green light thingies).  I decided between Prospect and Mattis that I’d cut in on Duncan rather than hammer into the wind on Rising.  In hindsight I prob’ly could have made it… but it was the first “long way” ride.  I’d hoped to sneak out for lunch laps but oops! I was dining with the boss as the “annual evaluation,” which, happily had no surprises.  I *should* be able to sneak out before Chorus so’s I can get 25 miles out of the day.

There’s a fair amount of traffic on Old Church and also on Duncan, but nothing noxious happened.

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