So, I’ve been hearing about and seeing lots of Novice Bicycle Moves out there, like passing on the right to the front at four-way stops (wherepeople are turning right, thank you) to rolling right through said 4-ways to…  on Pennsylvania a lady came out of a road to the right, crossed the street and proceeded down … yea, the dead wrong side of the road.  Her seat was low the way new nervous newbies would have it so I don’t know how long it’ll be before her knees let her know.  Now, last night, the person riding like that was coming straight at me on Gregory where the construction narrows the road, and I said “You’re on the wrong side of the road and she sheepishly said   “I know.”  Alas, what my brain registered was “”isn’t it too bad to be helplessly out of control of your own behaviors” tone of voice, and I heard my voice say, “It’s stooopid!”   … then scolded self… grrr… tonight it was “It’s much more dangerous over there!”  and her expression changed from “hello, it’s so blissful out here!” to “huh?”

I turned left at Anderson and … there she was, behind me… yea, *behind* me, on my side of the road.   So I pulled into my driveway and exchanged pleasantries about the weather, after giving a thumbs up.  (Oh, she was also out of the gutter.)

Made smoothies in the college center 😉

One response to “educability?

  1. yay!

    that is a great experience! I get my fair share of Salmon on my ride home typically, there is a good chunk of college housing on one way streets near the university, hell even cars drive the wrong way for about 20 feet because its faster, so I dont blame them really, they have to go waaayyysss out of their way to literally go 300ft because of the one way. What we need is a dule direction cycle track 🙂
    that will do the trick!
    I am always saying, dude wrong way as I breeze past them, idk if talking to them about what they are doing would help, hell idk if they would even stop if I did…

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