Folding Relay

Other people need a recovery day from a long ride; I need a recovery day from going four places in the same day  requiring thought.

I successfully brought two bikes to the bike coop by tossing the folder onto the Xtra, bungeeing it down, riding both bikes to the coop and the folder back, then riding the coop bike to the coop and leaving it and riding the Xtra back.  By the time I was done, the slow leak had graduated adn the back tire was FLAT.  I completely failed at undoing the brakes to get the wheel off (I wanted to see if taking off the wheels & carrying them on the sides would be easier), but could get the wheel out with the tire totally flat.  I even did it in the window between church and the 2:30 crochet class where I learned the stuff I need to know to make that skirt guard — except the actual pattern, which is in Dutch.  Then I had time to get agenda and minutes for the bike club meeting… and leave in time to take the long way — yes, the separate walk time at fourth and Gregory is a bunbite with no countdown timer — it’s “don’t walk” with both lights red for almost the whole cycle.

I remembered to stop by the bike coop to get a tube since I couldn’t find the one I knew existed (because I always saw it when I wanted a different size tube). Unfortunately I got a PResta one.  (Just ’cause somebody hands it to you doesn’t mean they thought about it.)  Fortunately I *did* quickly find a patch, cement and sandpaper (the last probably being divine intervention since I really just wandered into the basement thinking “well, maybe I moved it here” — I *know* I have about five of those little metal rougheners, — opened a drawer and there was sandpaper).

I also remembered to note that the valve was on the W in Schwalbe (and that the tire is awfully soft and pliable, as they get when they’re worn out 😉 ) and happy, happy joy joy, when I pumped up that tube the leak hissed its existence and I found the itty bitty glass shard that had worked through.  Since on the first two passes over the Suspect Area I was pretty sure there was nothing at all there, I’m pretty sure I would have flattened at least one more tube if I hadn’t had the Suspect Spot narrowed down to “wow, pretty close to the valve stem.”

The plan was to get up early, ride two bikes out to Parkland, ride one back and get back to work by 9:00 for a nice long-mileage day.  However, I should have known when I gave up on getting the wheel back on that I was out of focus.  It just wasn’t that important in the morning and despite clouds of absolute certainty that I was setting up a disaster with the delay, I stayed in bed ’til 7.  Still managed to get the wheel on the folder, the folder on the back of the Xtra cycle, and the two of ’em into school, though I struggled to ride as fast as I really needed to to arrive on time.  Now, to remember what day it is…


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