Another breezy day in the neighborhood…

. so I’m going east on Washington between Race and… Race.  At the T, there’s a car approaching perpendicularly (to my left), so I brake and then proceed, hanging far to the right so it’s easy on the car, tho’ with no oncoming traffic, they generally cut that corner far away.  Nope, this yahoo cut far to the right… and in case I wondered whether it was, oh, “simply” a cell phone issue, as the car went by, the passenger door closed.  Pretty hard to conceive of a non-hostile interpretation for this, though no words were exchanged, and I’m sure both automobile occupants would claim I there was some amazing reason to cut wide and open the door  , so I only pulled out my phone and pretended to call it in, but if you see young yahoos cruising in D DUNCS 3 (vanity tags are so easy to remember), be prepared for bizarre behaviour.

At the other end of a kaleidoscope continuum of some kind, I was riding through campus by the athletic center and a student was walking towards the pedestrian crossing and I was trying to gauge the timing… just as I was going to hit the brakes, she turned around to face her friends a few steps behind, and she threw her arms out school-patrol style blocking them.  I feigned some sort of accent adn called out that I weren’t a gonna run’em down and they laughed.

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