another sunny day

… yesterday tagged a record high temp of 85 – but it wasn’t a debilitating 85.  Today we could get as warm.  Yesterday my assorted cycling spurts added up to 28 miles; today I went out for a single, meandering lap — a: it’s a whole lot windier and b: I didn’t have my sunglasses.  So, might or might not eke out a quarter today. –  gaah.  Okay, it’s an “alternative” gear shop — but “gutter bunny” isn’t something I think anybody should be proud to be.   I suppose their clientele are all about guerrilla riding and hopping back and forth… but if that’s the case, why have a bike lane on the T-shirt??  Maybe it’s just one of those whole language “hey, it’s some words, in a context, get whatever you meaning you want from it” thing…

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