“rush hour”

Hmmm… my current theory for why people don’t see me during rush hour is that because it’s so familiar, people are doing other things besides paying attention to their driving.  I left at an even weirder time today — minutes ’til 8 — and got all the “gotta get there by 8” people.  Got to work in time to do an extra couple of laps.  Not much wind but in the 80’s — yea, I’d have liked to have taken off work and gone out with the Tuesday a.m. guys.  Snuck out for 2 more laps at lunch.

Next week teh “real official” rides start. Hooyah!  Woot!

Successfully turned CD files into MP3 files of the operatic segments I’ll be singing.  If you see birds fainting from the power lines, I’m prob’ly riding beneath ’em practicing. However, I havent’ really figured out how to sing “with support” while riding…  instead I’ve resorted to doin’ some of that alternate nostril breathing.  Site chosen arbitrarily from search – I learned it at an inservice workshop here, and we weren’t told to count to any sixteen holding our breath ’cause I surely couldn’t do that whilst riding.  I was told that the less congested nostril is opposite teh better funcitoning side of the brain, but this left-brained person’s left nostril is far easier to breathe through every single time.  So much for that yoga talk, dudes — but I do like the effects of doin’ the breathing so I shall persist 🙂  Oh, and I have a solo in the opera selections – I get to wail/whale/wheighl with a hammer on a chunk of railroad tie during the Anvil Chorus 🙂

2 responses to ““rush hour”

  1. I sing in a community chorus at the college. This semester we’re doing little chunks of musicals & operatic stuff… Anvil Chorus, captain of the pinafore, and (this one is rather a challenge for me to spew) “El Capitan” – a testosterone laden Sousa march.
    I’ve switched to second soprano when I wanted to stretch and there were lots of second parts… these songs are stretching further. However, you never know when being able to be heard will come in handy…

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