Slightly nippy

35 this a.m. but I felt better than yesterday and rode in fast enough to go in the back way.  (Still had trouble propelling self from bed.)  Construction is now all the way — completely, to the last sidewalk inch — out to University, but traffic cooperated so for the 20 feet that was true for I didn’t have to cross.  It’s a truly massive project.

Camera is busted.  Can’t find the $6 one I got online (which, given my paucity of photographic skills might take just as good pics as the Canon.)  Need images since I can’t draw for beans, and I want to make those math flash lessons. Inspired by the Duke of Uke (the Urbana one, not the UK one — is it a coincidence that both of ’em play the uke but are in a place that could be said the same way… UC and UK… )  I want to demonstrate “repeated addition” with 12 ladybugs and a link to (The Sesame Street version, not the Duke of Uke — but if you browse around, seems a fair number ofpeople have deemed the tune worthy of crooning it.

Might have coined a term:  palliative environmentalism.  You know, the wishy-washy stuff so you can say you did something, to make yourself feel better?  (Not sure environmentalism is the right -ism.)


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