Facebook posts ya hate


oh, the one you like… “Glad she is home with me now.”

I don’t like cars, I don’t think, but I DO like car seats.

Here’s hoping the medical system doesn’t make this a nightmare after the relief.

Rode to church in the rain in the  morning, you poor freshly cleaned bike!  Rode in the just about  FULL MOON last night.

Rode in the   clear air this morning… things are still damp, worms are still out… drivers are NUTS.   I suspect I almost got creamed, tho’ when we were both stopped there was a good four feet between me and the car being driven by the young male who’d peeled from the parking lot accelerating… I suspect it was other traffic, not me, that made him change his mind and stop.  He might have been able to swerve around me when I stopped and I took some pleasure in knowing that because his reckless haste  inspired me to stop, he had to wait longer for me to get by.

Then there were four cars having done the standard chain-reaction-rear-end at the entrance to Parkland.   Oh, and last night coming into campus we all had to work around where something had completely taken out a street light and smashed it to the ground.

I don’t think I like cars.

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