100 KM

I don’t feel particularly hard core about it 😉  Averaged 13 mph … granted the winds were brisk at the start (now down to 7 mph!)  – and I had to wear them layers ’cause it was 31 degrees (45 now!) but I did loops… I considered riding the tailwind knowing it would diminish, but it would still mean a headwind coming back, and it’s simply against my character to do the easy part first cycling.  (I do eat dessert first ;))

Oh, yea, Sue reminds her self… you had also *intended* to do 15 miles or so and then eat something.  This particular metric was done with about 3 oz. cheese and a 20 oz bottle of gatorade (and a mess of tea) for fuel.  Might explain some of the intermittent desires to ride at 8 mph…

Said hello to lots of dogs but none cared enough to leave their yards. Did 3 times around the red house (4 miles each), then out to Airport road for 2 of those loops, then to Philo, a little scoot out and then to Sidney … a little further west just to eat wind, and then I let it blow me back… with a couple more loops as I got close to get me to the metric.  I’m nicely toasted… doesn’t look like I’ll get to 700 miles this month (at 544 now) but it was fun trying – and I *will* get in a mile or two more getting here and there today.

anticipation — my new ‘puter is “expected to be shipped 3/30.”  Then, who knows, I might get the Linux one fixed… that’s Windows ‘puter, not Cateye or Planet Bike.

Happy happy joy joy!  The LIB meeting is *Not* on the same day as the Monticello Lions Club ride.

One response to “100 KM

  1. Hooterville Mayor

    “Every Things Coming UP Roses!”

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