“raw” – not really

http://qianguata.blogr.com/stories/2010-03-25-Xtracycle/ yet another little blurb about Xtracycles. Makes me wonder how global their desire is to do contracts with bike companies outside Surly.  Perhaps if I ride long tomorrow I’ll stew on a marketing plan wherein I, of course, would be the demo darling for a new frame setup with Just The Right Bike for Going Everywhere.  (A mom with kids might be better, but she wouldn’t have time to figure out the marketing campaign…)

Yes, it’s raining… not hard.  Yes, it’s windy — but it was behindme most of the way.  Therefore, Not Raw.  And even when I was headed North, it wasn’t cold or windy or rainy enough to create that “blasts of cold pelleting your entire body and face and eyes” that can make a ride less jubilant.

I rode the folder, ’cause I could sneak it into the office ’cause it’s still spring break and the co-worker isn’t here (it’s back by her desk ;)).  It is also the MOSTEST fun bouncing down the potholes and concrete aberrations on Main Street.  Boing! Boing!  (No apologies to Cory Doctorow – information should be free 😛 )

I didn’t ride ferociously hard or long, so now I’m chomping at the bit from the taper effect… hoping it holds ’til tomorrow ’cause I want to do a metric.  Might have to do a reconnaissance lap on the Studs if it gets too cold, though, and it won’t be a randonneury route; I’m not ready to “tour.”  I’ll try to set up for that and then realize whatever I forgot once I’m rolling.

Plan for when I’m rolling:

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