The fun part of being out of shape

I was thinking that no way would I be able to go out and grind otu 5 campus laps *again,* but I forgot about theWind Factor and the  OUtta SHape factor.

First of all, there was a tad less wind, so that I didn’t have to fight as hard.  Secondly, when I’m out of shape, then improvement comes quickly.  (The NY Times did a story on research showing that some people just “get in shape” faster than others, and it resonates with  my experience. )  Thirdly, I got out 5 minutes earlier than yesterday so I was already “ahead.”  So! 35.5 miles on the day, and averaging about 12 mph!  (Yes.  I’m still out of shape.  Oh, and I’m on the Xtra, and yes, I still have to do the commute part with those silly stop signs, etc.  It’s probably the equivalent of 15 mph on the Trek.)

Tmorrow is supposed to be “raw.”  Friday, “chilly.”  Snork.  In the 40’s isn’t chilly if I remember to dress for it, so I’m thinking Metric (no work).

One response to “The fun part of being out of shape

  1. Hooterville Mayor

    In the 40’s can be downright beautious for sailing the Metrical Seas.
    Wind and Sun. No and Yes!
    The winter re-build of DooBee the CannonBall Express is nearly complete, and next week the weather wags are pontificating of temperatures approaching 70 degrees!!! Mayhap I shall sail that sea behind thee?
    Ride strong and proud my Nordic Sister!

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