It’s bike season!

The number of folks ouit on ’em has increased about five-fold on the morning commute.

Just got a seed starter for 50.  Have the urge to scavenge potting soil — ride through the town seeking out abandoned plant pots and swiping cups of soil from them.  Of course, they probably all look abandoned this time of year, and that would be a little hard to explain to the judge… and, um, I can get enough soil from my own danglin’ abandoned plants…

I am also going to do another project this week that I had tabled because I didn’t have the right stuff, then when I got the right stuff for another reason, Iforgot about that one.  Hold your breath, please, until I post them!

2 responses to “It’s bike season!

  1. Hooterville Mayor

    I am starting to install the lawn and garden registers at our stores, and I am longing for fresh, home grown tomatoes!!! Recycling the potting soil is a good idea, give it a shot of Miracle Grow.

  2. Indeed, I bought Miracle Grow with the planty thingies. I stopped at about 35 plants, though… but now I’m thinking that I want to try to put corn in again. When I planted 10 of ’em, three stalks survived teh squirrels and rabbits but I never got around to any kind of fence, and I’ve got something for that now. Corn is *good* for ya 😉

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