Trials, time trials…

So I’m tagged for jury duty this week, got picked for the pool Monday and picked for a trial that was today.  As the timing would have it, I had windows in which to ride so I’ve had two 30+ mile days in pre-season.  It *might* have made up for February’s mileage shortfall.

The trial thing was only somewhat sucky – a manifestation of society’s winners and losers, but at least our role was pretty cut and dried. The evidence and testimony were 100% in one direction. Does make me resolve to throw my weight at making it easier for people not to be losers, even if it’s just by makig it possible to figure out math and pass a class (which you own’t get financial aid for, though, if you’ve got a felony charge). It is nice to be able to go online and find out that no, I don’t have to go in tomorrow.

We also got out at oh, 2:30 — not enough time to get out to work for any meaningful time, but definitely time to take that Xtra out for 30 “work your legs” miles, trying not to hear the  dry, crusty-rusty chain rasping against itself… I promise, I promise, lube before tomorrow. Who knows, I might get a metric in before the end of the month – next week is a four day work week (spring break for students).  I broke into the top 400 at too 🙂

2 responses to “Trials, time trials…

  1. My wife sat in a rape trial in Urbana. She said it was pretty tough, and the jury voted to acquit. Afterwards, she witnessed the victim beat the snot out of the acquitted suspect in the court parking lot before police broke them up.

  2. Wow. Just makes you wonder what the real story was… and then figure you probably don’t want to know.
    we’ve had four sexual assaults in the last week or so on/near campus — people walking home alone, getting into their apartments, & one home invasion. These be rough times.

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