Soggy Sunday

No real rain but lots of spittzle; I’ve done the regular commuting and I think I’ll hop on the trainer (especially since I just read the fastgrrrlz blog – link to the right – about *real* training).

Yesterday at the IMC open house I was asked if I knew about other people with bikes like mine, since the man in question had seen one out by Curtis and Duncan.  Oh, yes, and he had a ton of multicolored lights and a big yellow one.

Hidden preconception:  that wouldn’t have been me (of course, it was) because that’s too far away.  I hope I dislodged it a bit.  Yes, good people, you can ride a bike oh, Five or six MILES!!!  (Especially if you’re motivated to get around Unofficial St. P)

Noted at Meijer that the Saint Pat’s paraphernalia was on “super mark down” already on Saturday, and the official day ain’t ’til next Wednesday.  Microculture marketing?  I’m wearin’ mhy shamrock socks today…

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