Hide it under a bushel, no!

I was froggy comin’ out and hopped on the bike without turning the lights on (hey, it was still light, tho’ I knew it would be for long).  Sky was marvelous – a cloudburst had *just* come by and I could see dark cloud-to-ground rain, just next to bright turquoise-clear … and then all kinds of greys and prismatic effects … a good reason to take the long way on the campus road 😉  Roads off campus bone dry — it was a small cloudburst.

Coming to the four-way stop, I had one of those midwestern chicken deals, and I directed to no one as I did hte firm foot plant, “It is a four way stop and it is your turn,”  Then there was a hello right behind me … and “isn’t the big light working for you?”  I made excuses… and today in the phone search one of those dayglo vests turned up.  It’s coming with… letyour little and your big lights shine, reflect, and glow 🙂


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