Crochet madness ;)

I *think* this got to me via cycle-licious – the skirt/coat guard on my Gazelle has cracked to pieces in the cold… looks like I could do a DIY replacement that would *definitely* catapult me into hipsterosity.  Hmmm… must seek translation… I think that just does it.  I think I am going to have to get that crochet hook – and it’s not even winter.  (It is a marginally socially acceptable Thing TO Do At A Meeting – beats falling asleep or reading a book.)

Okay.  I think I just might… yea, in the midst of the  four other Projects, add one?

bike skirt guard

bike skirt guard

One response to “Crochet madness ;)

  1. You probably saw this after I did a “Share” or “Like” on this post in Google Reader

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