That takes the cake…

(mebbe I’ll ask wikipedia where that phrase came from)

When I saw South Pacific at Krannert, I also participated in the “libretto.”  THis included dessert.

Folks, the dessert serving was gluttonous.  Perhaps gluttonous times two. Is that really necessary?  Could there at least be a sane option?

Creepier, though, to my eye is the billboard County Market put up stating that their cakes are “too good to share.”  we see a birthday party table with three girls observing as one has her face embedded in the cake. Her hands are dangling by her side.  Her face is embedded *deeply* into the cake… past her nose, eyes and ears… she’s not doing *anything* resembling trying to eat it.  Perhaps I”m just a little oversensitive this day to the concept of oxygen deprivation, but GACK! Let’s just say that I wouldn’t go to a party at the home of the person who designed *that* ad.

And even if she were gorging that bad boy down… so, again, what’s with the gluttony crap?  Is that the response to lean times?  To yearn to be mindlessly greedy???  How about thinking along the lines of sharing what we’ve got?

Bill Staines is going to be at IMC this Saturday!  Woo hoo!

And no, it didn’t rain on me today 😉   Got in a couple extra laps at lunch… going to nod of finstead of doing the trainer tonight but I *will* try to squeeze it in tomorrow.

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