fifties :)

They should get here soon….

Rode out to Office Depot to find they do not, in fact, have the cute stylus things so I can write on powerpoints while doing powerpoints and camtasias… and Best Buy wasn’t open ’til ten… but Staples had ’em in all their assorted species.

That meant actually going to (gag) North PRospect; the mall… but 9:00-9:45 on Saturday morning is pretty quiet.  Therein lies one of the “lifestyle adjustments” that make being BATty (bicycle-as-transportation) more plausible than the uninitiated imagine.  “How can you go shopping?”

I went via Green STreet, which was pretty trashed after Unofficial.  Only one full can of beer – first of the year. (One had been dropped full but damaged; I left it.) It was a Natural Light, not  Miller Light, for a change.  (Of course, the others might have been found already…)  Somebody was riding ahead of me crossing lincoln with two saddlebags completely laden with empties (and I picked up the two she dropped)… and I did note that off campus, there were stretches of cleaner-than-usual yards.  Interesting.  Made me consider that one way of discouragin Unofficial would be to ‘accidentally’ let the pickpockets of the world know about it…

Oh,  found a new person-doin-the-bike-thing blog or two – “moving with a Thought, 12 mph” – he’s majoring in planning now, focusing on bikeability and walkability…


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