sunny & warm

going to try for 25 today tho’ I’m gonig to do a concert in what would be riding time…

Had a driver pull off and wait for me to ask about my Marpac light, and suggest I move it up higher.  Since the elastic on steel magnet plate is imperfect, I think I will do some bike coop time figuring out an up-on-the-snapdeck (reindeer pause) option.

TIme to get out there whilst light exists…

One response to “sunny & warm

  1. back in the fall I had a guy in a little Toyota pickup pull off and ask me about my lights I have. He said he could see me from a mile away and he was very impressed by them. I use two planet bike lights and talked to him for about 15 minutes. He was actually interested in getting some for his boat in case of emergency due to the visibility of them on flash mode.

    always nice when people want to learn more 🙂

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