back in the chill ;) Wrong Way JOe

19 degrees — hey, that’s not so bad.

I”ve been wondering, lo these not so many years, how often people went down the one-ways on my journeys the wrong way.  Yesterday at University and Randolph, I got to see one… the guy made a left turn from University (where, of course, there is no left turn lane or any indication that you should go that way) and threaded **between** the two cars stopped at the light to go Northbound.  Here’s a clue — if people on *both* sides of you are going the opposite direction, heck, even if it’s not a one-way street that should be a sign…   it was the really heavy laying-on-of-the-horn that made me notice (that long one’s almost reserved for “GOIN’ THE WRONG WAY!!!”)  and s/he did take the first chance to cutt off into a parking lot.  Get some coffee, dude, and a bus pass, *before* you kill somebody.

On the Xtra and luvin’ the flag.

2 responses to “back in the chill ;) Wrong Way JOe

  1. I see these idiots around here quite often, I usually yell at them from my bike as they pass me going the wrong direction, skate borders as well as cyclists. However that’s what happens when we are effectively left out to dry, no infrastructure, no training, no real laws, and no enforcement.

    for now I keep yelling at them, sigh

  2. No, this was a guy in a **car.**

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