Rainy in the East

Now, just cloudy.  Grass is showing in some places and it’s staying above freezing so melt and freeze isn’t a problem.

Found this surfin’ to Boing Boing – somebody’s “what I did snowed in at the airport” video.  Cory Doctorow is “awed and ashamed” since he’d have just blogged or something, but pretty soon into it I realized that the chick was… welp, I surfed alittle more and I believe she’s a ballet dancer. (Too many ‘horsing around’ moves were entirely too graceful and flexible.)  Sit and blog?  I don’t think so…


I’ll be getting bak on a plane tonight and heading back to the prairies.  Wish the fambly could be out there, too, somehow.  Lookin’ forward to getting back on THE BIKE 🙂 🙂    P’raps let winter have another little blast and hten… let’s just start easin’ into warmth.


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