“Light Snow”

2 and decimal inches overnight – a little more than forecast… but it’s a nine o-clock day.  So I rode down with the full intention of sneaking the bike into the bike coop and hopping the bus at LIncoln Square, thinking it would also have the most options open for getting thelate bus back after singing.  But then it was still not quite 8:00 at Main and Race, and gosh, I had done one mile already so I only had to do that 6 more times.  So I slushed on in… um, yea, I dabbed and walked here and there… but the timing was in between traffic spurts and/or traffic’s lighter in honor of all those dead Presidents…  so while my telepathic powers said that some drivers thought I shoudl get out of the way, it was a pretty nice, dull ride in.  Lots of mashy brown slush squishing out of the fenders like playdoh (or those nasty McMaggots frappe’s… cold watery coffee is going to be improved by putting sugar-infused grease on top?)

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