Michael Jones Greenbelt

Lots of searches landing here looking for michael jones and carbon monoxide.  Okay, to be exact: illini chill 2010,  michael jones death greenbelt,  mike jones carbon monoxide,  xtracycle,  michael jones greenbelt

I have comment approval set, so if you post a comment it will go to me and not public.

There’s info at www.greenbeltnewsreview.com – click on “current issue.”  The obituary has info and my brother tom’s number.  Funeral is next Monday, tho’ yea, he might have wanted to be sent off on Mardis Gras Tuesday.   I saw the Duke of Uke and his Novelty Orchestra last night at the IMC  not expecting a band dressed up in full mardis gras regalia, singing about “yesterday’s sorrows will be tomorrow’s sails” and letting the wind carry your boat, and walking the walk ’til you lay your body down… and I thought I would be swept with sadness that mike wouldn’t be at Mardis Gras, that he would have loved this band… except I wasn’t.  I sent the songs to him.  I was more swept with the feeling that he is okay, that he’s resting.


One response to “Michael Jones Greenbelt

  1. Sue, I’m so sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and the rest of your family.

    (longtime reader, and inspired CU bike commuter thanks in part to you)

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