back int hesaddle ;)

Feels so good to be riding in again.  Yes, the bus is fun in its way… and it just seems that the drivers have a way of  generally treating people with good old fashioned respect that even crosses over to dignity.So the kiddo who put a quarter in instead of a bus token was addressed as “Sir.”  (Then he put in the bus token and didn’t want the quarter back.)

I called in “Primepoint” since I have yet to see any signs of any effort whatsoever to clear any ice or snow from in front of the store, and yes, it’s a dangerous inconvenience since the construction means we  have to cut over to University there to get west. It’s not as if they haven’t had days (weeks) to make an effort.

Snork… first my brother dies and now, WILL is canning the weathermen.  I shall not despair!  I am, however, dismayed.  C’mon, Mother ** U, get a priority.

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