Wish it were colder

Welp, I did ask it to stay relatively warm  I was granted rain instead of snow Friday before dawn.   HEre’s the thing about heart attack heavy snow with temps in the 20’s:  when cars or plows pack it down, it’s wetter … it melts… then turns back into ice.   Of course, it’s inconsistent depending on how many cars went over it… and toss in 30+ mph winds and even studded tyres slide out from under you.  (Note to self:  lean forward.)

It was on 150, since Washington looked too heinous for words (Joel & Tony said it got better – that further out of town it was plowed!), so there was some traffic, including a very nice lady heading home from the night shift at Solo who gave me a ride the rest of the way in.  KIA vans are rather roomy- the Gazelle went in standing up.  (I just couldn’t argue that I wasn’t having any trouble…)

DIdn’t go down again, though I was nervous and rode with the back of the pack – serisouly intrepid folks.  (And Joel and Tony rode all the way out and back… I bummed a ride back, too, tho’ the roads were pretty peachy, but I really did want to get to the bike coop.)

Then got some weird news that turned bad… seems my eldest brother back in Maryland is a (probably weather-related) fatality.  Somebody listening to the police scanner heard his address and called my little brother (on his honeymoon in Puerto Rico) about it… he called sis in Bal’mur, who called me so I could call him but he didn’t answer and he *always* calls me on Saturdays ( and most otehr days, too)… a little more electronic detective work (you’re not actually *going* anywhere in Maryland today) and the bad news.

2 responses to “Wish it were colder

  1. Sorry to hear about your brother, my prayers go out to you and your family.

    • Much appreciated. It was a freak thing… looks like he listened to his favorite radio show as was his habit, nodded off… and the car got buried, and the CO did what carbon monoxide does. Still sorting out some of the details.

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