bus day

I’ve definitely ridden in worse — in hindsight I might have ridden, but since ya can’t plow a forecast, I’d probably make the same decision with the same forecasts. I did ask the weather to be nice and it didn’t start snowing ’til today and it never got cold enough for things to get hard… and I asked for niceness so that roads might be sort of almost navigable tomorrow for the Illini Chill.

I went out for the little loop and “decided” that they were scary enough so I’d wimp out tomorrow – plan to get on the bike and ride ’til I felt wimpy – , but then Tony & Joel had emailed out that they’re riding out studlessly.  (Yes, they’re willing to fall.)   So, same plan, but I’ll leave earlier than they are.

When I was on the swim team, I would leap into the water first and try not to get lapped in the warmup.  I knew I couldn’t keep up – but I would swim peppily *while* I was still ahead and shoot for finishing the warmup with the crowd.  So, I’m trained… if I know they’re behind me, I shall be full of spit and vinegar 🙂    (Okay, now I”ll see if I can get a speedometer on the silly gazelle so I can get a real time and distance measure…)

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