bike lanes ;)

From cycle-licious — These ideas for improving laws in D.C. would work most places…

Our news coverage is getting a bit better – the TV coverage of the bike lane meetings had a positive spin.  Yes, the WCIA ones were still 100% autocentric, with bicyclists some other facet of the culture than any viewer, so that yes, the taxpayers were paying for these (as if they weren’t paying for roads, and as if cycling didn’t save taxpayers more than the output?)

WAND does its darndest to make it controversial with “some residents aren’t seeing eye-to-eye” in the lead-in… and oh, gosh, for Mike Lodes bicycling is more than just a pastime !!!!! From a resident:  “If you want to ride a bike, ride it on a side street… It’s taking away parking…”    Of course, State and Randolph *are* side streets (Neil and Prospect are more arterial), but hey, who cares about facts when you’re arguing?  I bet some of his best friends ride bikes … we’ve still got lots of edjumicatin’ to do so people realize their concept of cycling’s role in our culture is changing and shoudl be changing faster 😉

On the otehr hand, WILL described the meeting as something like a chance to “show off” the plans.  And, fortunately, Mishuano got good words in about the benefits.

No snow at all yesterday – so I was roaring down bone-dry roads with the studs smackin’ loudly.  Today I road the Xtra and boy, the skies were much more threatening but they haven’t put anything out.  Got in a lunch lap (had to chase down my patience).

Had more miles in January than ever, ever before – not by a ton of miles, but it’s significant given the weather differences between this year and that one.  Significantly ahead of the 10,000 mile year, which had an even punier February (236 miles), but that was the year of 930 miles in December and that’s a little hard to duplicate.

Illini Chill coming up this Saturdya — tryin’ to nudge the weather to be reasonable.

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