Glass 3/4 full

My mother once confided that one of her goals in parenting was to rear children without her inferiority complex.  She succeeded with a vengeance in me 🙂  So while today had a mix of People Expressing Opinions about me, I’m afraid the good is resonating more deeply.  Even the “Hi, Sue!’s” along the way home were better than average 🙂  (Note to self:  to whom much is given, much is expected.  No basking 🙂 )

Then the store trip:  L to County Market or R to equidistant Schnuck’s, which reminds me of Ukrops of Vifrginia except that Schnucks sells beer?  I go left and ponder a letter to the manager explaining why:  not to include that I enjoy supporting the Blighted Philo Road Business District… but they hire Visibly IMperfect People (hopefully not exploitatively).   And, I’d add, now they carry Abbey Ale, albeit warm.

I arrive and espy, dropped amidst the cold ones, a solitary six of Abbey – just sort of dropped there.  Yea, prob’ly somebody decided cold Regular Fat Tire was better than warm Abbey, but now the Abbey was chilled.  Just for me 😛 😛

And then:  Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.  How long since I heardt *that?*  Oh, yea, they have a good pick for satellite radio.  (When Paul SImon’s American Tune came on one day … welp, I just didn’t go in so I could sing along in the parking lot, tho’ perhaps singing along in the grocery store should be a Thing To Do. Especially if it’s Muzak :P)

They have to do a price check, which has been true since the first one I bought –  cheaper than Schnuck’s 🙂

Oh, and there was a dollar in the road on the way home.

Now, we still have to plan the revolution.  The Evil Ones have 2MCH PWR.  We’ve got the songs and the karma on our side, though.

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