Chunky, chunky

30 degrees riding home at 10:30 lastnight — 13 this morning.  Yes, there was a lot of rock-hard slush.  The brain is a funny thing.  I’ll ride all over the place and even get off and walk to avoid an icy patch through campus when there isn’t anybody there, because there is a way… but cruising up Country Fair I’m just riding right over plain old ice, thank you, just pedaling away.  If I don’t *think* there’s something easier, then it doesn’t seem hard. (Okay.  I was nervous riding on the thick, frozen-hard slush. But only nervous.)

Mostly, cars give more room, etc. when it’s dukey — but they have a propensity for passing me *exactly* when I’m crossing the railraod tracks on Country Fair.  I guess next to me is better than right behind me… maybe… but I may get disgustingly assertive about my lane position thereabouts.

Reminded myself that 13 degrees was a lot colder than 28 and hopped on the trainer for warm-up 6 minutes– and then promptly rode out with the outer jacket. Took two minutes for the wind to work through and inform me, but I didn’t want to turn around.  (Might have been different if I had a working speedo and the miles would “count” ;)) So, for once I actually followed that maxim about “if you’re warmwhen you start, you’ve overdressed,” and no, I didn’t get chilled.  Will have a “rode morethan the temperature” day today 🙂


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